Cody Johnson has been hitting the road hard. With the impending release of Ain't Nothing To It, the only thing that can keep this Texan off the stage is doctor's orders. Unfortunately per doctor’s orders, Cody has been put on vocal rest.

Because of this Johnson has rescheduled this weekend's shows for March '19:

Cotton Eyed Joe (Knoxville, TN) - March 2nd
Variety Playhouse (Atlanta, GA) - March 21st
The Blindhorse Saloon (Greenville, SC) - May 3rd

According to his official Twitter, "all tickets purchased for the original dates will be transferred to the new/rescheduled dates. We are very sorry that this has happened but we thank you for all of your support and understanding on this matter."

Get better Cojo! Hope to see you back out soon.

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