The American Cancer Society's Annual Relay for life for Comanche County will be held this Saturday, September 18 from 5pm to 10pm at the Cache Football Stadium in Cache, Oklahoma.

Cancer is a disease that affects many families and friends here is Southwest Oklahoma.  I am one of them.  I was married 11 months ago, and at my wedding I was blessed to have a picture of my very best friends.  Earlier this year, I was startled to realize that of my 8 very best friends, 4 of them have had or now suffering with Cancer.  50% of my friends!  That number is staggering. Then if you add to that number that a very good family friend is now in remission, and that my Daddy lost his battle with Cancer, you know that some have suffered more than most.

This weekend, The American Cancer Society Relay for life takes place in Cache, OK.  It's a time when we honor those who fight the good fight as they battle Cancer, and it's also to honor those who did not win that battle.

There is a special part of this relay that is so special.  It's the lighting of the Lumanarias to honor Cancer patients, both alive and passed on.  You can purchase a luminary for $5 add a name of a loved one, and it will be lit during the ceremony.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

Participants will walk to raise money for more Cancer research.  Without this life saving research, the future for Cancer patients would not look so bright.  The day will be filled with vendors, and fellowship with those who are like us.  People who love people with Cancer.  And people who have lost to that same Monster.

For more information on how you.can be a part of this event visit Comanche County Relay for Life on Face Book!

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