It's finally back open, Comanche Nation Casino in Lawton and all the other CNE (Comanche Nation Entertainment) casinos have reopened their doors. This includes the Comanche Red River Casino in Devol, Comanche Spur Casino at the Richards Spur in Elgin and the Comanche Star Casino in Walters. Not only the casinos, all the quick stops, travel plazas and smoke shops are open as well. It's been a long three months but they're open ready to see you.

The good news broke a few days ago and the casinos have been open for the past couple of days with new operating hours for Comanche Nation and Red River. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic at this time they won't be operating 24 hours. Instead the casinos will be open 8:00am CST to 4:00am CST daily. This will allow staff to clean and sanitize as they follow all the recommended CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) safety and health protocols. The Comanche Spur and Star casinos along with all the other properties like the smoke shops and convenience stores will resume regular business hours after the reopening. It's great that we're seeing places open back up.

There are some rules or guidelines if you wish to visit any of the casinos. All staff and guests must wear face masks while inside the casino. Every other gaming machine will be available to allow for social distancing. Upon entry a thermal temperature check will be performed, no staff or guest will be permitted into the casino with a temperature of 100 degrees. The casinos will all be non-smoking, including vaporizers and other tobacco products until further notice. These are the primary changes that the casinos will adopt until the state and CDC guidelines change.

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