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It’s time once again to give thanks, and what could we be more thankful for than awesomely ridiculous dog costumes? Oh, and the ridiculous, er, passionate owners who take Thanksgiving so seriously, they dress their canine friends up to celebrate the harvest. Here’s ten photos of dogs that just (Plymouth) rock.


Monkey Dog Loves Pumpkins


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a dog dressed as a monkey, with bananas attached to its front sitting next to a pumpkin. Oh, it would? That never happens? All right then.


Monkey Dog Loves Pumpkins


David Livingston, Getty Images



Mayflower Puppy


April showers may bring May flowers, but what do Mayflowers bring? Dogs. Lots, and lots of dogs. Or maybe just one dog, dressed as a Pilgrim. That’s one weird boat.


Mayflower Dog


Justin Sullivan, Getty Images



Turkey Dog


Boy, we could really go for a turkey dog right now. No, not that type of turkey dog! No! No!!!! Okay, fine, we’ll eat this dog dressed as a turkey. It just looks so tasty. What? Like you wouldn’t.


Turkey Dog





The Spirit Of Pet Thanksgiving


While we don’t have concrete proof that they’re cohabitating, this is definitely one of the signs of the Apocalypse.


Dog Indian and Cat Pilgrim





A Pet Thanksgiving Pageant


“Hey Mabel, you get the dogs in their Pilgrim and Turkey costumes yet? Let’s have Barkers try to catch Fluffy with a net. No, I don’t have a net. Here, use this fly swatter, no one will ever know the difference.”


Dog Pilgrim and Turkey


FamilyVacation Getaways



Turkey Dog 2: Electric Boogaloo


This dog was cast solely on his ability to look like the most at-attention turkey of all time. Get that squirrel, Turkey Dog!


Turkey Dog


Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder





See, this is the kind of costuming we can get behind. It’s just a jaunty, silly hat that was stuck on this pug’s head right before the picture was taken, and then (hopefully) removed right after. That, or his owner should get that weird, pilgrim-hat-shaped growth looked at.


Pilgrim Dog





Revenge of the Turkey Dog


The good news about this costume is that the front half can be reused for your “Señor Red Mustachio” costume on Señor Red Mustachio Day, which is a thing we just made up.


Turkey Dog


Pets Advisor



Back In The Habit


If it wasn’t for the Thanksgiving paraphernalia at the bottom, you could swear this was a dog nun costume, rather than the Pilgrim costume it is. And we were so close to mounting that all dog production of ‘Sound of Music.’


Pilgrim Dog





Corn Dog


Nothing we comment could be funnier than the amazing visual joke that is “Corn Dog.” Nothing.


Corn Dog


League of Legends


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