A couple came into the restaurant with their four kids following their Trick or Treating.  I complimented each child on their creative and scary costumes: two super heroes, a zombie, and a princess. I couldn't help but notice how the parents had gotten into the spirit and joined the kids, transforming into two of the best adult characters I had seen all night.

Let me say at this time that I am totally innocent and really didn't mean for the rest of the comments I made to hurt anyone.

The mom was obviously a gypsy with all of her gaudy ornamental jewelry and her long draping mismatched clothing, it was an awesome ensemble. The dad was just as convincing in his role, a pair of overalls, plaid shirt, and a very large straw hat, not a cowboy hat, but more of a cross between a sombrero/garden hat.

What I said went something like this, "Wow, Mom and Dad you look just as good as the kids. My wife and I would love to be able to find the time to dress up and go with the kids too. You kids should be really proud that you have parents who will take all the time and preparation to dress up like a Gypsy and Farmer!"

That is the moment when I received my education from a five year old. "You're being silly, they aren't dressed up!," with a hint of kindergarten sarcasm said the little princess. I felt about two feet tall.

I quickly thanked them for coming in and found something else that needed my attention.

Just goes to prove that at the age of 41 I should have already known, saying less is more...keep it short and simple, stupid!'

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