Pop newcomer Olivia Rodrigo probably didn't expect that her debut single, "Driver's License," would become a viral sensation, but it has. Released January 8, 2021, the song is a smash — it has already broken multiple records, like for the most single-day streams for a non-holiday song on Spotify.

"Driver's License" also topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, making her the youngest artist since pop's Billie Eilish to dominate music in the United States. Rodrigo is 18 years old.

“Driver's License" unpacks Rodrigo's personal multifaceted emotions, endured after a heartbreak. It's a heavy song, which many users on the creator app, TikTok, have been drawn to in various ways. It has even inspired hundreds of fresh covers.

No, "Driver's License" isn't a country song at all — Rodrigo is a longtime Taylor Swift fan, though — but it's so infectious that even country artists are eager to put their spin on it. We've collected a few of the best from various social platforms — these copies prove just how popular the song has become across all genres.

Watch These Addicting Country Covers of Olivia Rodrigo's "Driver's License":

Up first is Sammy Arriaga's rendition of "Driver's License" — he added a storyline twist: His version is about a solider being cheated on while deployed.

Encouraged by her fans to sing this song, Danielle Bradbery performed the hit during her "Stairwell Sessions." Her powerful voice is perfectly made for the song's arching notes.

"I asked y’all what I should do next in the stairwell and this song was the most requested," Bradbery says on YouTube. "Now I know the hype!!! This melody!!!! ..this song!!!"

CB30 covered Rodrigo's "Driver's License" accompanied by piano notes and filmed their performance in a dimly-lit studio, giving it a vibe-y ambiance.

With her guitar in hand, Abby Anderson makes the pop song into a country jam. "I wish I wrote it, but I didn't and It’s fine. I am fine," Anderson writes on TikTok. Clearly, she loves it and feels strongly about Rodrigo's emotional track.

Sister duo Tigerlily, who recently received an offer from Monument Records for a record deal, sang "Driver's License" a capella from their bathroom, for the acoustics.

"Just as obsessed as everyone else with Driver’s License," the duo writes in their TikTok caption.

Season 16 The Voice contestant and heavily-followed TikTok creator Andrew Jannakos added his vocals to Rodrigo's song. It's so dang good.

Dylan Marlowe took a crack at "Driver's License," too, but also took a little creative license and added a country twist. Did you catch it? Feel free to watch it a few times — no judgement.

Now watch Olivia Rodrigo's original "Driver's License" video:

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