There's been a lot of talk and speculation over the past several days about the possibility of more and more states, cities and counties lifting their mask mandates. The conversation started earlier this week when Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that he plans on reopening the state 100% over the next couple of weeks. Texas will be doing away with not only their mask mandate, but other COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

In Oklahoma we never had a statewide mask mandate. Governor Kevin Stitt left that up to the individual cities, counties and towns to decide. Most of the COVID-19 mandates in the state have been issued at the local level. In Lawton we still have a mandatory mask mandate in affect and a lot of people are wondering for how long? Once the news broke about Texas everyone's been asking when we'll be lifting not only the mask mandate but other restrictions as well. Some think it's too early and that if we do start to ease up we'll see an even bigger wave of COVID-19 and that the pandemic will worsen and continue. Others disagree and think it's time we starting reopening and loosen up on all the rules and regulations now that we have a vaccine.

As you can imagine it's a hotly debated topic and everyone has their opinions. The COVID-19 numbers in Oklahoma are starting to improve some, as far as the number of positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Even so there are some health experts and politicians that worry that it's too soon to reopen and do away with the masks. But when will it be time and do we have a clear answer? That's the real question.

So if the City of Lawton lifted the mask mandate would you still wear a mask? A lot of people are saying they would. It's a personal choice and one each person will have to make. Just because a mandate is lifted doesn't mean you can't voluntarily wear a mask or continue to practice social distancing and other COVID-19 related health practices. Take the poll below and let us know your thoughts and preference:

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