It seems that we have become immune to the word COVID.  I know that when I hear it I just think, 'I've been vaccinated, and boosters, so I don't have to really worry about that.' One of our employees this week found out that her husband had tested positive for COVID, so no matter how much a part of our lives COVID has become, it is still so important for those who are willing to be vaccinated. Currently, in Comanche County, there are over 300 active cases of COVID.  More than I would have imagined.  Imagine that you have a loved one that suffers from Autism, and the need to have them protected from COVID.

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

This week, a sensory-friendly vaccine clinic will be held for residents with autism or other disabilities and their caregivers in southwest Oklahoma. Autism Foundation of Oklahoma (AFO) has partnered with the Comanche County Health Department to provide the clinic on Friday, July 15 from 1 to 4 p.m. at the health department, 1010 S. Sheridan Road in Lawton. The COVID-19 vaccine will be available as well as their back-to-school immunizations upon request.

Manit Chaidee
Manit Chaidee

Walk-ins are welcome but registration is encouraged and available online at

Prior to the clinic, staff at Comanche County Health Department will receive sensory kits and specialized training for autism and other disabilities sponsored by a grant awarded to AFO from the Oklahoma State Department Health Department. Participants will also receive gift bags containing resources and helpful items for families to use with their children when visiting other new and possibly stressful places in their communities.

“We look forward to hosting five statewide sensory-friendly vaccine clinics in Oklahoma and appreciate the support of the Comanche County Health Department. Our clinics are designed to help individuals and family members feel more comfortable in a local health care setting that is educated and equipped to accommodate special needs,” says AFO’s Health Equity Project Coordinator Chandee Kott.

Media Contact: Chandee Kott, Health Equity Project / 1+(210)287-7522

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