Yesterday evening we heard the feel-good story about a mysterious couple who "paid it forward" in a BIG WAY and left a BIG TIP at Leo & Kens in Lawton, OK. The anonymous couple paid for everyone's meal at the restaurant and before leaving they tipped the restaurant staff several thousand dollars. How cool is that?

KSWO News broke the story last night and it's been the talk of the town ever since. You can click here to read the full story and get all the details on this amazing good deed and the couple who made it all possible. We could definitely use more of this in our lives and it's great that Leo & Kens and KSWO shared it with us!

It's been a crazy and tough couple of years and it's nice to see that there's still goodness left in the world and in people. According to the story, the couple told the staff they had been blessed and they wanted to share it and help bless others. They didn't identify themselves and left once they handed over the money.

As stressed and overworked as most kitchen and waitstaff are these days, I'm sure it's more than appreciated. If you've been out to eat lately you know exactly what I'm talking about. The service industry has been hit hard and is still recovering from the pandemic and all the staffing issues that came with it. They certainly deserve our thanks and they more than deserve the generous tip that was given to them.

We can all do our part and "pay it forward." Sure most of us can't afford to give away a few thousand bucks. But all of us can afford to treat others with kindness and respect. There's a lot more to "paying it forward" than just money, it's about helping others and being a good human. You could make a HUGE impact on someone's day and life by just being friendly. It doesn't cost anything to be friendly and helpful to others.

This story has motivated me and others to show kindness, patience, and friendliness to others. To help when needed and without reservation or expectation. A valuable lesson has been taught by this mysterious couple and their random act of kindness we can all learn and benefit from. Pay it forward and don't look back!

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