We're over-due for a feel good video and story to help break up the madness and insanity of what's going on in the world lately. Luckily for us a neighborhood in Smithtown, New York went above and beyond, they certainly did more than their fair share to bring us a great story with a great message.

The neighborhood got together to thank and recognize one of it's favorite essential workers who's been tireless helping others and coming to work everyday during the COVID-19 pandemic. Greg Watkins is an UPS driver and has been delivering packages to the neighborhood for the past 13 years. The good people of Smithtown decided to throw him a little surprise party and show their thanks and appreciation with signs, cards and gifts.

You can tell by the video that Mr. Watkins is a big part of the neighborhood and is loved by all. He's a lot more than just an UPS driver, he's a big part of the community and is family. He knows everybody and their families and kids. They also know Mr. Watkins and his family and kids. He's watched the neighborhood grow up around him over the past 13 years and is a friend to all.

He's overwhelmed by all the attention and gifts, it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. In the video a resident says "You're an essential worker, but you've always been essential to us. You know our families . . . we know your family.  We adore you and we just wanted to say thank you."  We could use more stories and videos like this one and remember to thank and show our appreciation to all our essential workers, neighbors and friends.

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