Looks like you found the one man because she started laughing immediately when it happened. Guess you do stuff like this all the time.

As a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan, I would never propose at a game. Mainly for the fact I've never dated someone that wouldn't think that isn't tacky. If that woman exists, feel free to hit me up. On Thanksgiving, Niko Valdez was snapping some photos outside of AT&T Stadium with his girlfriend. Looks like they have a kid on the way and they snapped some photos with some Cowboys onezies.


Once that was out of the way, Niko decided to get down on one knee and propose. Sadly, when he was taking the ring out of the box he dropped it. FUMBLE! Here's what sucks. This wasn't like, oh there it is. It was dark and right next to the fountain. Family members began scrambling looking for the ring.

If you haven't been to the stadium yet, this is one of those infinity fountains where the water runs off and circulates back in. The family thought it might have slipped in the grate and who knows if you're getting it back then. The ring was right up against the waterfall and after THIRTY MINUTES someone spotted it.

Happy to report, she said yes and I wish these two Cowboys fans a happy life. Hopefully the Cowboys can also add a ring to their collection in February? Let's go!!!!!

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