With all of this talk going around around the possibility of forced vaccinations and federal or state level mandates, people tend to forget that there are always exemptions available to those that legitimately qualify for them. We saw these exemptions specifically termed for mandatory vaccinations last month when the Pentagon announced all US military service members must be vaccinated by a certain date. Is it a forced vaccination? Yes... but there were also acceptable reasons a person could opt out. Mainly, if you had a valid medical, or in this case, a religious reason to be exempt. Seeing a way to drum up business and make headlines to benefit a political run, at least one Oklahoma preacher is now supposedly selling that religious exemption to the masses.

Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer of the Sheridan Church in Tulsa has followed in the footsteps of so many televangelists by offering a service and product you don't need at a price he's willing to sell it for. The long and short of it being, if anyone regardless of where they live or attend services joins Sheridan Church online, as a virtual member, and makes a contribution to the church, Pastor Lahmeyer will personally sign a document that will give merit to your religious exemption from any future vaccination mandate at any level.

So what's the riff? As an American, the right for you to refuse a vaccination, or pretty much anything in life, on the grounds of your religious belief doesn't need proof or documentation at all. The church is selling you something you don't need in the first place...

Some suggest this is a way the church is coming together to back their pastor in his run for congress... If you didn't know, Pastor Lahmeyer is challenging one of the most worthless senators in history, Oklahoma's own James Lankford. Perhaps they've found a way to fund a campaign through these exemption status cards. I'm not sure, I'm just not interested enough to look into it. It's just wild to think this is the best Oklahoma can do. A sitting US Senator con-man or a US Senator hopeful con-man. We can do better.

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