The man who came up with the idea of the delicious cheesy taco shell passed away on Thanksgiving Day.

Todd Mills, 41, died from a long battle of brain cancer and never made any money off of his idea. According to his friends, he was ok with that stating that Mills only wanted someone to listen to his idea so he can have his Doritos flavored taco.

Mills began his quest for the cheesy snack in 2009 when he wrote a letter to the Frito-Lay chip company. Frito-Lay responded with "Thanks, but no thanks."

The rejection letter didn't keep Mills down so he pushed his pursuit for the shells to social media making the Facebook page Taco Shell made from Doritos Movement.

The page encouraged followers to "tell Frito-Lay that we demand nacho cheese shells."

One day Taco Bell commented on one of his many photoshopped images of the taco creation saying how they liked the idea. Taco Bell then flew Mills out to be one of the first testers of the product

Taco Bell has made $1 billion dollars off the idea and although friends encouraged Mills to pursue for compensation, he never did.

Before his death Mills went through two brain surgeries as well as a lung surgery. Mills' best friend, Jimmy Looney set up a donation webpage for donation to cover his medical bills. Taco Bell has donated $1,000 dollars to cover the costs noting that 'Mills was a 'true friend' of the company.

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