Mike Meyers returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend and brought with him an old friend: Dr. Evil.

“SNL” mocked North Korea’s hacking into Sony by having former cast member Myers revive his legendary Austin Powers villain, interrupting the show's cold open (a fake Christmas special with Sam Smith), to say to Sony and North Korea, “What the f people,” fighting over The Interview?

Mike Meyers as Dr. Evil
courtesy of youtube/SNL

The good (evil?) doctor added that it was absurd that North Korea’s big “act of war” was hacking Sony? Myers’ Dr. Evil said if the country wanted to “kill a movie, just move it to January.” He also said he knows the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, and he’s “not with it… he still has "laser" disks.”

Dr. Evil additionally the mocked Sony by saying, “They haven’t had a hit since The Walkman.” Watch the sketch in its intirety above and laugh along with Dr Evil.

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