Welcome to the future!  It's the future of defense and we are able to see it in action this weekend at the Central Plaza in Downtown Lawton.

Drone Racing This Weekend

This Saturday, professional drone racers will race in the old Dillard's Building at Central Plaza,  200 SW C Ave., Lawton, Oklahoma.  This will be the very first demonstration of its kind to take place in the area designated to FISTA and its plans for the Technology growth in Lawton/Fort Sill.


Don't worry, these are not your ordinary drones!  They are professional in every sense of the word and flown by professionals as well.

attachment-thumbnail_race_flyer (5)

The action starts at 9:30 a.m. in the old Dillard's building which is Phase 2 of the Fires, Innovation, Science, and Technology Accelerator, better known in Lawton as FISTA.

Critter and I were fortunate to be able to tour the FISTA facilities in the final phases of construction.  Once completed, the building will be secure, with only those with clearance able to enter the building.  The plans for FISTA and in multi phases, with Phase One nearing completion this month, and its first tenants moving into the building in early December.

One thing we know for sure, Lawton/Fort Sill is gaining attention because of the FISTA Business Accelerator.  It means high-tech jobs for Lawton/Fort Sill, and that can never be a bad thing!  Plus, many of the companies plan to hire locally as they can.

Make your plans to watch our future, with the Drone Races, this Saturday, November 19, beginning at 9:30 a.m.

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