Meet Criddle.  He is the Ashley Davis-Heddy's Elf on a Shelf.  I would like to say that he has made that little girl very happy during his time here from the North Pole, however, it seems that the Heddy girl boxer had some issues with Criddle.  As Criddle did what Elves do, hop from place to place in order to keep an eye on the Heddy household,and Little Ashley in particular, Kali slowed him down a bit. Now Criddle had a mission, and even though he was  severely injured during his stay in Oklahoma, he finished his task and reported to Santa the goodness of his charge!  Now, Criddle needs some attention, and you may not know this about me, but I am schooled in Elfen Medicine!  Criddle must be admitted to the EER, (Elf Emergency Room) until he can be reconstructed.  We have full confidence in the Magic Mommy powers of Jeri Anderson.  We are assessing the situation, and hopefully we can avoid amputation.  We will continue to update the condition of Criddle the Heddy Elf!