Good news... It's not just America's entertainment industry running on fumes in 2020. I'm guessing most of the world is experiencing the same drought as us, and England is no different.

There's no real shock in saying that court shows are universally popular all over the world. You take a couple of people with serious first-world-problems, make up a story, pit them against each other in court with a judge/moderator and try to entice them to solve their differences. The cases are ridiculous, and we all benefit from peeping in on the action.

I'll be honest with you, while this is hilarious, I'm not interested enough to go back and figure out their names... but don't let that turn you off from the absolute gold that is before you.

The couple in this case are suing the individual over an incident with their pets. For whatever reason, a social gathering between the three somehow involved the one bringing her dog over to the couples house. The couple has a cat, and the one ladies dog has a problem with natural impulse control. While the individual admits she knew her dog had a problem staying off peoples legs, nobody knew that kind of activity would eventually involve a cat. The dog makes a sexual advance on the cat, the couple is disgusted, the individual thinks it's hilarious, ergo... the couple sues the individual claiming their cat now suffers from anxiety and depression in the funniest dry humor thing to come out of England since Jimmy Carr. Enjoy.

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