Sadly, he did not live in St. Ives, but Alan O’Neill did, in fact, have two wives. The really sad thing, though, is that it wasn’t because he was cheating. He had two wives because he was lazy and passive aggressive.

The story is this: O’Neill got married to his first wife in 2001. After eight years of married life, apparently things went sour, and O’Neill moved out and changed his name.

Apparently, he thought that was good enough for the courts to think their marriage was over, because he promptly got married to Wife #2. All would have been hunky-dory except Wife #1 saw her replacement on Facebook as a “person she may know.”

Which she did, since they’d gotten into a fight two years ago. A little investigating turned up wedding photos posted to her Wall, and soon Alan O’Neill, formerly Alan Fulk, found himself arrested on bigamy charges.

See, some things, you just need to mark “Private”.

[ via Gawker ]

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