I know it's a little odd that we're all collectively sitting around sweating and I'm about to talk about frost, but cooler weather wishes seem to be on everyone's mind.

Farmer's Almanac may not have the most accurate track record historically, but they've been shockingly accurate with their long-range forecasts for two years now. If you haven't seen Oklahoma's winter forecast, FA is predicting it to be really cold but also somewhat stormy due to El Nino.

While that seems unbelievable to read while we're still in the midst of another brutally hot Sooner State summer, they've made some bold predictions about when that cold air is finally supposed to hit us.

Early Morning Frost In Knutsford As Temperatures Fall Around The UK
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Predicted 2023 First Frost Dates Across Oklahoma:

  • Guymon - Oct 19
  • Woodward - Oct 23
  • Elk City - Oct 27
  • OKC - Oct 29
  • McAlester - Oct 29
  • Idabel - Oct 29
  • Tulsa - Oct 30
  • Lawton - Oct 31
  • Ardmore - Nov 7

All in all, those look like some pretty normal dates compared to the almanac averages in our state.

If your town isn't included above and you're curious, here's a quick link to the frost date prediction tool over at Farmer's Almanac. May the odds be ever in your favor. Hopefully, it starts feeling like football season before we get too far into it to care.

High-voltage wires and poles are covered with frost on a frosty winter day.

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