When it comes to the favorite foods in Oklahoma, most of them revolve around a grill. Whether it's steak, burgers, dogs, BBQ, beer can chicken, etc... If it can be grilled, it will be an instant favorite across all palates in this state. But what do Okies survive on when it's cold enough to require the wearing of long-pants and a hoodie? Here's the quick list of things every Oklahoma home should be pumping out when the endless Summer finally ends.

  • Kelso


    It should be no shocker that chili lands at the top of any cold-food list. Like most people in the region, chili is a cold weather staple because it's easy to make and everyone loves it. Even bad chili is still pretty good, but believe me, you can ruin chili by experimenting too much with the ingredients.

    Rule #1- No prepackaged chili mixes allowed. If you can't cook chili from scratch with your own spices, you can't cook chili, period.


  • Kelso


    When it comes to having a hot dinner after a long cold day of doing whatever it is you do, sometimes a warm breakfast is just what the night called for. I don't know a single person that doesn't enjoy breakfast foods anytime of day. Honestly, I like it more for dinner than I do for actual breakfast. Eggs are a given, scrambled is easy, fried are for special nights. Need a protein in there somewhere with bacon or sausage. Plain on buttered toast points to finish it off. It's a meal fit for any.

  • Wiktory

    Soups and Stews

    In the cold season, you can't beat the ease of cooking meals. If you have a crockpot, it's really puts a new spin on the idea of easy meals. Dump in your ingredients, set it to high, wait for it to be done. It's that easy.

    I'll be honest with you, I don't like stew. I prefer soup. I figured if I want to spend an evening chewing on chunks of meat, I'd grab a bag of No Man's Land and have at it.

    The real wonderful thing about soup is, no matter what dish you're craving, odds are there's a soup recipe for it that can cook while you do other stuff. Chicken torilla and taco soups are the bomb.

  • Saddako

    Pot Pies

    While it's not my personal favorite, people do love their pot pies. Of course, you could buy the store-bought versions of the prairie classic, or you could just make it yourself. I'm sure it can't be any harder than cooking a pie right?

  • Kelso

    Anything Grilled

    You ever wonder why most Oklahoma residents have two different grills on the porch? Well, you cook with the gas grill when temps are hot because of the instant easy heat. You don't have to spend too much time in the blistering temperatures to get your meals done... but in the cold season, those fancy gas grills don't like to chooch out the BTU's. Enter the classic charcoal grill.

    While most people will look outside to a snow covered grill and think "We can't grill," there are people like Critter and I that make it happen. Live fire is the only way to fly in Winter, and believe me, snow-day steak is the best steak. We even share the story still to grilling out one random Saturday night a decade or so ago when there was a foot of snow and ice on the ground and record cold single digit temperatures. Along with the amazing meal, you get a story and bragging rights until the next major Winter storm.