I'm all about saving money and getting things for free if I can. I found some fun things on line that are either free or cost very little money. I'm all about that.

  • VistaPrint

    VistaPrint offers 250 free business cards. I was even able to upload my own photo. I created the card, uploaded my information, and payed $5 for shipping. Of course they have lots of other fun stuff that you can pay for once you're hooked.

  • Remember The Milk

    This is a fun app for both iPhone and Android devices. When I went to the website they had a QR code to scan and it automatically downloaded it to my tablet. You can create an up-to-the-minute to-do list with reminders. Upload it to your device and you will always have your grocery list with you!

  • Annual Credit Report

    You should check your credit score at least once a year. And everyone is entitled to one credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus each year, free of charge. Just go to annualcreditreport.com and follow the directions. You may be surprised at what you find. It's better to find out now then when you are about to make a large purchase.

  • AllRecipes.com

    I love recipes. All kinds of recipes. I like to be able to search a website for the main ingredient and find all different kinds of recipes. So, for instance, if I have a chuck roast and some onions what can I make with it? Maybe I have some extra pasta laying around or some shrimp. Find the recipe that I can make with those ingredients. Of course I don't cook but it's still fun to look for them.

  • Pinterest

    OK, I love Pinterest! I'm addicted to Pinterest. The thing I love the most about it? I can find things on the web, pin it to a board, forget about it for awhile and go back and find all the stuff I thought would be fun to look at, do, make, remodel, whatever! But BEWARE! It is addicting.