Love is in the air!  And if you know my partner, Jeri Anderson, at all, you know that she loves love, and of course, love songs, and flowers and candy!  You get where I'm going with this, don't you?

Jeri Anderson
Jeri Anderson

When we were thinking about a fun contest that we could do on the air, with a chance to win dinner for 2 from our friends at S & B's Burger Joint, what better way than to play name that tune, in a compilation audio file that lists songs using the word love.  We are calling it 'Love Wins', because, the more songs and artists that you get correct in this contest, the better the chance to win.

We'll play the thirty-second audio file each weekday morning during either the 7 am hour, or 8 am hour, and maybe even both hours until February 10th.  Jot down the title of the songs, and the artists and complete the form below.

We'll take all of the correct entries on Monday, February 14th, and draw from those entries to name the winner!  Love does actually win after all!  You can name correct artists for extra points if you'd like!  But we must have the title of the songs.  There are 9 songs included in the clue!

So, how lucky do you feel?  Listen with the Morning Crew weekday mornings for the 'Love Wins' clue, then come back here to complete your entry.  One entry person, unless, you need to correct an answer. duplicate entries will be discarded.  The decision of the management will be final. Good Luck!

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