In her career as a flight attendant for Leufthansa Air, Olivia Sievers often made the trip from Germany to Argentina. Six months ago, she began a long-distance relationship that would eventually change not only her life, but the new found love of her life.

Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

In a story straight out of a Disney movie, Sievers was in Buenos Aires, staying at a local hotel during one of her frequent lay overs in the city. As she went for a walk near the hotel, she noticed she had someone following her. But it did not worry her; instead she turned and offered the golden retriever some food, then stopping to play with him. From that point forward, she had a new friend. The dog followed her back to her hotel, waiting outside overnight. The next day, Sievers noticed her new friend downstairs waiting for her.

The retriever followed her on her walk that day, and even though she tried an alternate route so he wouldn't again follow her back to her hotel, the new friend refused to leave her side. The stray settled in outside her hotel every night, waiting for Sievers the next day to get the attention he obviously was missing. Sievers took pity on him, giving the lad an airline blanket to curl up in.

But when she returned on her next trip, there was Rubio, who had apparently run away from his adopted home, waiting for the woman that he had obviously decided was his new family. Sievers then relented, and decided to take her new friend home to Germany.

Sievers applied for  permission to transport the dog from Argentina to her home in Gernany, and last Friday, Rubio, after six months of persistence, finally flew with the flight attendant to his new furr-ever home. And from the looks of the Facebook posts on Sievers account, it is a match made in heaven.

Or at least Buenos Aires.