FORT SILL, OK –Soldiers on Fort Sill will be able to take leave to travel home for the holidays this year during Holiday Block Leave (HBL). Getting our Soldiers home as safely as possible is our primary focus leading up to the holiday season. The holidays give our Soldiers the much needed and well deserved break from training to reconnect with loved ones. This year’s Holiday Block Leave has different challenges with COVID19 precautions necessary to ensure the health and safety of our entire community.

“While on leave we must maintain our physical fitness, refrain from any unsafe or acts that would violate our Army values, and taking prudent precautions to protect against COVID19,” states Maj. Gen. Ken Kamper, commanding general of the Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill.

Fort Sill asks that every family member, friend and loved one of our Service Members assist in efforts to protect each other and their Service member against the spread of COVID19. Service members and their families are asked to continue practicing safety precautions to include social distancing, good hygiene, wearing of masks and remaining vigilant to stop the spread of the virus.

More information will be available and we ask that Service Members and their families stay abreast to information on the Fort Sill official Facebook page as well as website for pertinent information. The health and safety of our Service Members and families and entire community is our top priority and we will continue to protect our great asset; our people!

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