As the world tries to overcome coronavirus, quarantine has put us all in touch with different sides of ourselves. For instance, some realize that they don't need a gym to get fit. Many are discovering that they can do homeowner DIY projects without hiring contractors. And I found out I can fit twenty-three cheeseballs in my mouth. But social distancing has given us a new golden standard of entertainment... Gary Busey as the judge in a court for pets.

As weird as he has become since taking his infamous crash, Gary Busey is a national treasure. Wonderfully odd, sometimes too over-the-top emphatic about his own feels, but overall probably one of the more sane people of Hollywood. Now he's going to be the Judge Judy for people that have pet disputes. It's an interesting idea, probably won't last long, but the few episodes we'll get will no doubt be amazing.

From the official website:

Each year across the country there are thousands of pet disputes. Those who want their cases tried by the best know there is only one man they can turn to. Is Gary Busey a real judge? Absolutely not. Does Gary Busey know anything about animal law? Probably not. But if there’s one thing Gary Busey is thirsty for it's PET JUSTICE!

Bring it.

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