I fully admit, I'm the last person on this planet you should ask about fashion. I wear nothing but plain navy blue tee's everyday, Crocs most of the time, and I haven't cared about labels or styles in a long time. I'm a simple guy and have been since Affliction t-shirts made a debut at $100-ish dollars. I mean, who pays more than a few dollars for a t-shirt? Then again, I have to look at my own human nature. As we grow older, we tend to choose comfort over looks and practicality over flash as we mature... but I'm sort of excited my generations style is coming back around in the world of fashion.

Around the turn of the century, the fashion for guys was comfort. Oversized t-shirts and baggy jeans. It didn't matter if you had a skateboard or not, you wore skater shoes. Most people rocked DC and Etnies, I was a fan of Sneaux. It was liberating after wearing Levi 501 belly-button level mom-jeans and those "radical" 90's neon flashy colors for so long. The future was then. I still wore Levi's, but opted for the low-slung wide-leg 569's because I couldn't afford the fancy popular Lucky Brand stuff. Shorts were meant to go below the knees, and cargo pockets on everything. It was glorious. I know I'm just thinking of my glory-daze with graduation-goggles, but life was good looking and comfy.

Naturally, I think back and remember the female styles of the day too and how alluring they were. Hip-hugger jeans, low-rise cargo pants, those wild whale-tails peeking up below a tramp stamp... It was a wild time. Comfortable t-shirts were also all the rage with women, but instead of being super baggy and oversized, there were form-fitting and really short sleeved, called "Baby doll" tee's, and they wore the same shoes as the guys. It really was the first true fashion of equality, where everybody pretty much wore the same clothes.

If you're too young to know what I'm talking about, it's OK tiger... I had to be explained what bell-bottoms were when they came back into style in the late-90's, but instead of your mom having to dig through old photos to show you, our generation has video. Look at the outfits. This is turn of the century fashion perfection.

I guess that's one of the true marks of getting older... waking up one day in style. Lets just hope this resurging trend doesn't lead us all down the JNCO path again.

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