Meet Chunk the groundhog he's an internet superstar, or soon will be! He even has his own Youtube channel and is always grubbin' and grinin' in the garden. He loves to eat and pose for the camera. Is it just me, when you hit play do you expect to hear Kenny Logins "I'm Alright" from Caddyshack? Even without the theme Chunk seems cool!

The people behind the videos have a garden and kept finding chewed up vegetables and plants in the backyard. They decided to set up a camera to see if they could capture what was eating everything and that's when they found Chunk. Instead of chasing him off they adopted him and he comes around daily to have a snack, or two.

He really like tomatoes, that's his favorite. He'll eat cucumbers and other veggies too, but stays away from peppers and eggplant. Chunk has a whole series of videos where he sits right in front of the camera and munches away.

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