Over the past several years Heinz has introduced all kinds of crazy condiments with their Flavor Mash Ups. Some are really good, others not so much. But, to be honest it's searching them out and trying them out that makes it's so fun. I love trying out all the new flavors and strange combinations, from wild to mild. You'd be surprised at how good some of these creations taste and pair with different foods. Well, Heinz just released a new batch of Flavor Mash Ups just in time for Summer cook outs and the official BBQ season.

The new Heinz Flavor Mash ups are Hanch, Wasabiloli and Tarchup. Although I haven't tried any of these out yet, I'm thinking that the Hanch will be my favorite. It's a blend of hot sauce and ranch dressing. To me that sounds good and I bet would be killer on a sandwich, especially turkey. I could also see me using this on fries and loaded baked potatoes too. The Wasabiloli sounds interesting, it's a mix of wasabi and garlic aioli. I'm thinking chicken and pork for this one. Finally there's the new Tarchup, that's a blend of tartar sauce and ketchup. It might be a good pairing with shrimp or fish, I'd like to try it out and see.

The new Heinz Flavor Mash Ups are only available in Canada right now, but hopefully we'll be seeing them in U.S. grocery stores sometime soon. You might be able to order them online if you can't wait. In the meantime there's other Flavor Mash Ups you can try like Kranch which is ketchup and ranch. Maychup is pretty good, it's a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup. The Maycue is mayonnaise and BBQ sauce, I haven't tried that one yet. The Mayomust is the best! That's a blend of mayonnaise and mustard I use that on just about everything. There's also HoneyRacha Saucy Sauce and the Mayoracha Saucy Sauce both are really good. I like the HoneyRacha on ribs and with pork chops.

I'm looking forward to the new flavors and doing some experimenting with them. Maybe by late Spring or early Summer we'll be seeing them on store shelves. *fingers crossed*

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