It was about five or six years ago that famed Southwest Oklahoma cowboy cook Kent Rollins made a video detailing exactly how to properly make campfire coffee. If you search it on YouTube, you'll find thousands of videos of people trying to make it themselves piggybacking on the popularity with his name in their title. Here's that original video.

Disney even flew Jeff Goldblum to the Red River Ranch to have coffee with Kent, that's how good it is. The one thing people tend to forget is, when you've cooked something for some forty years, you tend to be really good at it. So what does that mean for everyone that wants to try a cup of Kent's famous Cowboy Campfire Coffee? I guess you just have to show up at his new coffee shop.

Tucked pretty far away, about two hours drive to this vintage looking rural town of Wellington, Texas (which might as well be SWOK) is Cowboy Kent Rollins Coffee Shop. Where they make coffee in the store just like Kent makes it out on the cattle trail... In a steel pitcher over an open flame. No fancy machines, no lippy "baristas," just fantastic, classic smooth cowboy coffee. Like any other small town coffee shop, there's snacks available too, but the real star of the show is coffee.

The shop has only been open for a very short time, but the popularity of it thus far has them adding additional hours of operation, and here's the catch... Right now, Cowboy Coffee is only open Monday through Friday, but they have announced they're going to add Saturday's to the service very soon.

We all know, the best time to try something new is before it hits peak popularity. With this place having a chance to become a "destination" to travelers, it might be worth the trip over there through the week just to avoid the eventual hoards that might hit on a weekend.

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