It seems that every year, it's the same old story around Daylight Savings. It's only hour measly hour, but it shifts your entire operating world around for a few days. I don't know about you, but it's not as simple as 'Just wake up an hour earlier on Sunday, and you'll be set.' I know I don't respond to change like that. I do get to bed at my normal time, but since it's an hour earlier, I'm hitting the allergy meds to knock myself out, and I'm normally good to go by the following Monday. What about you?

Now there have been rumblings about being the next state to either stop using DST, or stay on it year round... but that creates issues. You see, back in 1973, everyone decided to get an early start on DST. They moved the clocks an hour forward on January 6th, and the outcome was a sunrise happening close to 9am... the point being if we stayed on DST year round, the day wouldn't start until late. All the same, if you stayed on standard time year round, the sun would start coming up at 4:30am, and set around 7:30... We would be wasting the light. And there's no other way around it.

We could offset the entire world clock, but as time zones are so broad, I don't think anybody would go for it. Especially since the idea of noon being midday, when the sun is straight up, goes back for thousands of years. It's our own concept of time preventing us from changing it.

While it is a pain in the rear, and real health issues arise from it, I like it getting dark early in Winter, and more outside time after work in Spring and Summer.

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