By nature, I am a planner.  Now, I am not going to say that I am always the best at following through with my plans, but I like to have at least an idea in my head of how I want to handle certain days, like Valentine's Day.

In fact, I have gone as far this year as decorating my spare (grandkid room) for the 'Love Holiday'.  Using my Momma's antique pink chenille bed spread and strategically placed throw pillows, it's taken my little room to a new level.  (Cute throw pillows, by the way are an excellent gift idea for your Valentine!)

I am positive that I am not the only one that makes plans this far out!  Can you prove me right?  We have put together a little poll to find out just how soon you start making plans for Valentines Day. Whether it's deciding which restaurant will serve your romantic meal, or finding the perfect gift for your Valentine, or ordering a beautiful bouquet from your favorite florist.  How soon?  Take our poll!

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