You'd think the sign next to it on the pole would be enough explanation on how to travel through one of these intersections, but we all tend to forget, most other drivers are idiots. You almost have to give people the benefit of the doubt since these types of traffic lights are so new in Lawton even though they've existed across Oklahoma and America for the last thirty or so years.

How it works right now in Lawton is, when the light generally starts to flash it's yellow yield signal, some drivers take that as it's about to turn red. Naturally, they stop and sit there watching the yellow light flash while the travelers behind them honk and rage quietly to themselves. It's understandable to a point, but eventually everyone should be at least familiar enough to have read the sign and feel comfortable following the directions.

My hometown in Northern Oklahoma has had these types of turn signals for about twenty-five years. I'm sure drivers there went through the same hesitations as some do here, but they eventually paid enough attention to be able to follow how it all works. In fact, if there is oncoming traffic, it's almost tradition that the lead vehicle in the turn lane gets out there into the middle of the intersection to wait for their moment to turn. That turn moment usually comes as everything goes solid yellow to red, so as oncoming traffic stops, they're free to complete their turn. Savvy?

So the next time you're trying to make a left-hand turn and that signal starts flashing the yellow light at you, if there is no oncoming traffic, hit the gas and complete your turn so that the people stuck behind you won't have to unwittingly call you stupid just loud enough for you to accidentally hear. Best of luck, you mileage may vary.

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