When it comes to advertising in a town like Lawton, it can be tough for a small business to compete. That's why they have to constantly look for an edge in their marketing strategy. As a business owner, you would look for events and phrases like "Customer Appreciation Sale," "Added Value," or "Buy One, Get One." It makes the most sense to stretch what little advertising dollars you have for the maximum reach.


2020 has also shown local businesses that e-commerce is no longer an option. It's good to maintain your brick and mortar locations, but if you can't reach your entire customer base by being online, they're spending that money on the things you sell, but doing it somewhere else that offers a way to do it from home. That's just the world we live in today.

I get that nobody likes change, but without change, things die. It happened for cro magnon man. It happened for neanderthal too. Are you really ready to let your business die because you didn't "like" the idea of being online?

Let me get right to the point... We offer a service called Townsquare Interactive. Basically, we build you a website so you can join the rest of the world online. It's simple, affordable, and TSI has it set up to where it's pretty hands-off for you, so you're not just signing up for another task on your already full plate. It will allow you to finally join the rest of us here in 2020.

As an "Added Value" and to welcome you to the current decade of technology, Townsquare Texoma will bonus you $500 in free advertising on this station. It's a win-win. You finally get on the internet with the rest of humanity and you get free advertising, which is, as you know, priceless. If you'd like to jump to the present with your business and get $500 in free advertising with the only company that reaches every potential consumer in Texoma, call our Market President Dakota Woods and he'll walk you down the isle of future success. 580-581-3600


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