Last night I opened the mailbox and found a package that my husband had been waiting for.  I showed it to him and said "Look what came in the mail today!".  His eyes lit up like he had just received the secret encoder ring that he ordered off the back of the cereal box!

I checked my personal email when I got into the house and noticed a package was delivered to me at work yesterday so I immediately sent a text message to Taryn, our front office person, and asked if I got a package?  She replied "Yes, it's in your office on your desk."  I wanted to rush back into town to get it.  I had the same feeling as I did as a small girl when I knew my Highlight Magazine was about to arrive in the mail.

How silly is that?  David's package was just some Bic razor's that he really likes that we can't find in any stores anymore (I found them online at  Mine was perfume that I have not been able to purchase in a store for about 4 or 5 years.  Isn't the internet amazing?

I rushed into the office this morning, ripped open the box and saw the perfume laying in a bed of packing paper.  I think the room got a little brighter and I heard a chorus of angels!  Also inside was my very own comb and mirror!  Almost like getting that metal whistle in the Cracker Jack box!

Is there an item that you wish you could find?  Have you tried searching for it online?  What is it?