CAUTION: If you are planning to visit AT&T Stadium (Cowboy Stadium) in Dallas leave your purse at the home or your hotel! This Saturday my husband David and I, and a group of friends, visited the AT&T stadium in Dallas. As we were walking up to the door some woman stopped me and said "You can't take that purse into the stadium with you." I thought surely she's mistaken, it was just a small purse. We approached the gate and sure enough, we were stopped in our tracks and told we had to take our purses back to the car.

"We took a cab!" I exclaimed. The security guard didn't care. I asked if there were lockers we could rent to put our purses in; NOPE! What am I supposed to do with my purse? I took a cab here from the hotel? He wasn't budging. He stated it was all over their website. I told him I hadn't checked the website. Why wasn't it printed on the tickets? Still not budging.

I ended up gathering up all the purses and running back to a cab to take them back to our hotel. $40 cab fare to get to the stadium and another $30 to take a cab back to the hotel, tell him to wait for me, and then take it back to the stadium. I told those that we traveled with to just go in and I would catch up with them after dropping the purses off!

I told David that we were going to buy a bunch of those small square lockers, mount them on a huge trailer and park them outside AT&T Stadium in Dallas and make a fortune. That has to be the stupidest policy I have ever heard of.

If you want to read what is and is not allowed in AT&T Stadium, here is the link.


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