Here’s the latest semi-daily update on the ongoing situation over at Bachelor in Paradise. The show is coming back to the airwaves this summer, after the conclusion of the investigation into the allegations of misconduct on set. Deadline reports you might get fewer episodes than you were supposed to; probably two fewer installments that the original season order, due to the reduced shooting schedule and the delays in production. The “leaner” show almost certainly will not hit its original premiere date, August 8. But, Deadline says, it will address the controversy that temporarily shut the show down. How could it not?

The cast will be leaner too; CNN says DeMario Jackson, who was one of the two stars who were allegedly involved in the incident that started this whole kerfuffle, will not return for the rest of the reason. According to their source, he decided that "it's not a good idea” to return to Mexico to finish out the shoot. Uh, ya think?

No definitive word whether the other party in the incident, Corrine Olympios, will be back, although given her comments about how she was a “victim” of assault on the set, it’s hard to imagine how she could possibly appear. In the meantime, Corrine’s boyfriend gave People a statement of support. Clearly, he’s doing things for the right reasons.

We should know more about when Bachelor in Paradise will return, and for how many episodes, by some time next week.

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