I was looking through my social media feed, and one year ago, I asked this same question... Is (October 8th) too early to be selling Christmas decorations?

Any other year, I'd be on my usual bandwagon taking a hard stance on "Yes," but 2020 has been a unique year. A meme became a worldwide pandemic. It brought most of the planet to a standstill for a while, then as the people became bored and fed up, it's been a pattern of spikes and lulls in the numbers. Add in miscommunication, mistrust, alleged criminal accounting, new vaccine rumors, a tech giant wanting to "chip" the world, etc... I might have to agree that the early Christmas garb is sort of a welcome sight in todays bleak world.

We talked last week about putting up a Halloween tree. A festive decoration that totally works for both All Hallows Eve and Christmas, because it's a tree. It's totally, completely black, but a tree nonetheless. While I've never decorated for any holiday before now, I have one of those trees. The only trinket hanging on it is a 2020 Rona ornament I found online. Truthfully, that was the thing that nudged me to decorate anyway. It's a nice even number, it's a worldwide something, and it was cheap. I just hope the worldwide trend of 2020 doesn't continue into each year of this decade. Between everything that has transpired this year, I think we're all due for an easy rest of the era.

All the same, it's still pretty early to be seeing Christmas stuff in mass...

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