Picture this, it Saturday afternoon, the Oklahoma wind is sweeping down the plains at about 56 miles per hour, and it cold, and cloudy, and frankly, you do not want to get out to get something to eat, and you definitely Do Not Want to Cook! Enter our friends Bite Squad.

Bite Squad brings local restaurant food right to your door.  You can download the Bite Squad App right now from either the App Store or Google Play, and your could have your food ordered in minutes.

Think of the possibilities, lunch at the office (like we did with Billy Sims BBQ), breakfast in bed, date night in perhaps, or even family meals, where everyone gets what they want!

It's so convenient, and the app is really easy to use.  Featuring great local restaurants like McKenzie's Burger Garage, Top Notch Texas BBQ, Wayne's Drive Inn and lots, lots more.  Food for your mood, with Bite Squad, your favorite restaurants delivered!

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