This beautiful and historic Oklahoma playhouse is as well known for its haunting as its history. The scary stories and terrifying tales surrounding this place are among the strangest and scariest in the Sooner State.


If you're into the supernatural and paranormal Oklahoma has more than its fair share of haunted places, urban legends, and scary ghost stories. There are haunted houses, schools, hospitals, and even playhouses.

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This historically haunted place is the small town of Hobart, OK. The infamous Shortgrass Playhouse. It's rumored to be haunted by the spirit of Charles R. Savage whose tombstone was found on the property.

The Shortgrass Playhouse in Hobart, OK. is a historical and haunted Sooner State landmark DiscoverOklahoma DiscoverOklahoma

The Shortgrass Playhouse is located at 103 E. 3rd Street in Hobart, OK., and is above the fire station. Throughout the years the building was used for all sorts of different purposes including a funeral home. 


The building where the playhouse is located was originally built around 1912 and served as a city hall for a while before being repurposed. These days it serves as Hobart's fire department with the playhouse upstairs.

During the remodeling of the property, a tombstone was found that was inscribed: Charles D. Savage Nov. 15, 1881 - Nov. 4, 1918. A lot of people claim the ghost haunting the playhouse is that of Charles D. Savage.

Watch the video below to learn more about the haunting of Shortgrass Playhouse

Most people call the ghost Charlie for short. He's known to be very mischievous but friendly. Or at least there aren't any stories told or encounters with Charlie where he's been aggressive or mean-spirited, pun intended.


Charlie has been seen and heard by several people including Shortgrass Playhouse employees, guests, and ghost hunters. He likes to play tricks on people and has been known to make noise and move items around.

One of the craziest stories about Charlie involves an unusual silhouette on one of the walls at the playhouse. It looks like a human figure see the picture below. It's been painted over but always seems to come back.

Despite being painted over repeatedly this ghostly outline remains on the wall DiscoverOklahoma DiscoverOklahoma

There have been other ghost sightings at the Shortgrass Playhouse throughout the years other than Charlie. Some people have reported hearing and seeing the ghosts of children. Including one of the fighter fighters.


It could be the spirits of the children who were victims of the 1924 Christmas Eve Babbs Switch school fire who were brought to Hobart for treatment at the fire department. There's a lot of activity at the playhouse.

The Shortgrass Playhouse is an amazing place with tons of history and incredible shows. Get all the details on Facebook.

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