Wild Night in Austin: Chaos Unleashed as Cops Take Down Rowdy Revelers.

This incident happened on February 10th, 2024 on the famous 6th Street in Austin, Texas.

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In the video below, you can almost smell the testosterone flowing through these young men.

Battle of the Hairdo's VS Hairdon'ts

The scene opens with a handful of rascals pushing on each other outside of the bars on 6th Street. A few fellas with "crew cut" haircuts seem to be having a beef with a fellow with the ever-so-popular "Edgar" haircut.

Officer Down

As soon as the combatants start swinging, they go to the ground, where a police officer soon joins them. This is the part where you would stop fighting if you had any sense. Of course, if you had any sense, you wouldn't have that "Edgar" haircut.



The Calvary is Here

Before you know it, a literal swarm of police shows up. There are so many cops that it's hard to count. Cops on foot, cops on motorcycles, and cops on horseback. Where the hell was a response like this in Uvalde?


Check out the video below:

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