Shocking Houston Incident: Robbers Knock Over Child While Running Away with Cash Register!

The video below is taken from a security camera in a Houston, Texas business at 10001 Westheimer Road on March 14.

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A couple of rascals almost had their heist foiled by two hyperactive kids dancing around in the lobby.

Parenting 101

The video opens with a top-down view of a couple of fellows standing at the cash register of a local store. They glance around nervously. Something is amis! In the background, two young children can be seen running around back and forth playing in the lobby.  



Don't Leave Your Children Unattended

Suddenly, the guy in the olive-green hoodie turns and walks off. As he does this, the other guy in the red hoodie grabs the cash register and yanks it right off of the counter. He then makes a break for it, but a kid is directly behind him. Thankfully, the camera cuts so we don't see the incident. The tweet says the child suffered minor injuries.



Police Need Your Help

Detectives need help to ID these suspects. 
TIPS: HPD Robbery at 713-308-0700 or @CrimeStopHOU

Check out the video below:


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