It's hard to talk about the price of any kind of food in Texas being cheap. I mean it's near impossible to go to the grocery store with any kind of list and not expect to spend nearly two hundred dollars if not more.

Everything is so expensive. So it seems that going out for a steak, whether it's at a nice Amarillo restaurant or grabbing one at the store is out of the question. Unless there is a good sale going on. That is what a lot of us count on.

So is a Steak Cheaper in Texas?

One might argue that it would have to be. If you are anywhere near the Beef Capital of the World, Hereford, you would think it has to have some perks. We get to wake up and walk outside and we are close enough to smell that smell of money, like they say.

It has to benefit us somehow. Texas should have the best quality and the best prices. Do they though? I decided to take to Google and see if my thoughts on the subject were correct.

I mean I did pick up a couple of steaks from Market Street over the weekend. They were on sale so it was the smart time to buy. I am all about the sales.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I got two steaks one to enjoy with the game. Which I did. Oh, and another one for later. Yes, steak can be a bit more of a bargain here in Texas. As it should be. When we have so many feed lots the price has to be cheaper. It doesn't cost as much to ship the product to us.

I did stumble across a discussion on-line recently and this was what they came up with.

When I was in Texas, I noticed how cheap beef was compared to my state, Idaho.


I know my brothers and sisters in Dallas and Houston get their ribeye's significantly cheaper than I do in New Orleans. Usually I pay 9.99/lb for choice at Sam's or costco, and the grocery store chain is usually 15-17 bucks for choice, and 9.99 for non-rated.

The non-rate ribeye's go for 4-5 bucks/lb in Texas.

It would make sense that Texas is the best place to get your beef. Of course, it's going to depend on the cut of beef you get. A steak in Texas should always be better and cheaper than anything you get anywhere else.

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