Check those price tags, Oklahoma! Shoppers on TikTok are exposing differing price tags on the same item at Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby is a national crafts and home decor company based out of Oklahoma City. Oklahomans are all too familiar with Hobby Lobby, but the store recently gained viral attention on TikTok as customers are discovering that stores across the nation have different price tags on the same item.

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Like almost every Oklahoman, I am a frequent shopper at Hobby Lobby. You can find just about any type of home decor or craft supplies you need! Plus, there's always some kind of sale going on.

But recently, people on TikTok across the nation have been checking their local Hobby Lobby for a possible price tag scam. And just about every person has found that their local Hobby Lobby has different price tags on the same item.

Like, say you're shopping for a basket and you see one priced at $14.99 but then you look at another basket ,that's the exact same, and it's priced at $7.99. That's strange, right? But it's not an accident. People across the nation have noticed this on various items in Hobby Lobby and have been posting videos of the discovery on TikTok.

Check out some of the videos from TikTok below.

This TikToker saw people on the app talking about different prices on the same items and decided to check out their local Hobby Lobby. They found several clocks had varying prices.

@ali.dutton Hobby Lobby trick! Always check those price tags! #hobbylobby #save #fyp ♬ original sound - Ali Dutton

Same with this TikToker in New Mexico. They looked at the same items shelved together but had varying prices.

@olivia.engstrom The #hobbylobby secret is true #hobbylobbyhacks #fyp #shopping #foryoupage ♬ original sound - Liv Engstrom

And this TikToker went to their local Hobby Lobby to see what they saw on the app was true. It was.


♬ original sound - MamaErica

And people had a lot to say in the comments of these TikTok videos. A lot of people said they've noticed it at their local Hobby Lobby. Some people had not and they were shocked! But there were a few current and former Hobby Lobby employees saying that the varying prices were because of old stock versus new stock or the range in popularity of the item, and they even said TikTok has blown this out of proportion.

As of Jan. 16, Hobby Lobby has not issued an official statement regarding these TikTok videos. So for the time being, check those price tags!

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