The Oklahoma City Thunder are in the Western Conference Semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks. And for game one, Oklahoma City Mayor Holt was stuck in New York City when the Thunder were playing at home.

But since we live in a small world, Mayor Holt didn't have to watch the game by himself in his hotel room, he had a sports bar full of Thunder fans all the way in New York City. And they got to celebrate Thunder win together.

It's been a long playoffs journey for Oklahoma City.

When Oklahoma City first got to the playoffs this year, they were the number one seed in the Western Conference and faced off against the New Orleans Pelicans. The Thunder beat the Pelicans in the first four games to advance to the Western Conference Semifinals.

Oklahoma City has been buzzing since that first game against the Pelicans. So it must have been tough for the mayor of Oklahoma City to miss the first game in the semifinals. This is the fist time Oklahoma City has been in the Western Conference Semifinals since 2016.

Oklahoma City has fans in New York City.

On Instagram, there's an account called @thunderupnyc that is dedicated to a community of Thunder fans in New York City. For the first playoff game of the semifinals, the group hosted a watch party at the NYC sports bar T-Squared Social.

The group got to watch the Thunder's first game win against the Dallas Mavericks with THE MAN from Oklahoma City, Mayor Holt.

On his Instagram, @mayordavidhold said that OKC had taken over the Big Apple.

Hopefully Mayor Holt will be back in Oklahoma City by Thursday, May 9 for the second game in the semifinals versus the Dallas Mavericks.

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