Oklahomans have been counting down the days till July 19! The whole state is eager to go to the theaters and relive the the 1996 classic "Twister." The new adaptation, titled "Twisters," is set to be similar to its predecessor and a new trailer just dropped.

The new trailer for "Twisters" will give you chills.

The first trailer for "Twisters" premiered during the Super Bowl this year, and Oklahomans were beyond excited for the film. Since the original film "Twister" came out in 1996, starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, the actors have become honorary Oklahomans and the movie like the state film. Like its predecessor, "Twisters" was also filmed in Oklahoma.

In April, the director, Lee Isaac Chung, and actors Daisey Edgar-Jones, Glen Powell and Anthony Ramos, spoke at CinemaCon about the film, debuted new footage/trailer and talked about filming in Oklahoma. Since then, Oklahomans have been eagerly awaiting a new trailer to give more of a story to the film.

Since the film was announced, there had been several guesses as to what "Twisters" would be about and whether or not if it was a prequel or a sequel. At CinemaCon in April, it was confirmed by the director and actors that "Twisters" is it's own stand-alone film and tells new stories of storm chasing for the modern day.

This is exciting in of itself for Oklahomans because one thing that has bugged Okies about the 1996 film was the digital tornadoes. Now that technology has advanced, the digital aspects will look more real. Plus, it's been revealed that the director also used real-life footage from actual storm chasers.

New poster dropped, too!

On Tuesday, May 8, a new poster for the film also dropped with the new trailer! It shows the stars under a stormy Oklahoma sky among a storm chasing truck - nothing gets more Oklahoma than that.

Check out the new 'Twisters' trailer!

The new trailer for "Twisters" definitely gives Oklahomans a better understanding of what the film will be about. It starts out by showing the protagonist, played by Edgar-Jones, enjoying a rodeo. Then in an instant, the wind picks up, everyone's phone goes off with a tornado warning and the sirens sound. Soon the whole rodeo erupts into chaos as a tornado strikes.

Then we cut to the present day and Edgar-Jones' character is reluctant to return to Oklahoma to chase "tornadoes we've never seen before." When they return to Oklahoma, they meet up with a loose-canon storm chaser played by Powell. They set off to chase tornadoes and "disrupt" them.

Watch it for yourself below!

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