If you love to read, you can't go wrong with a Nicholas Sparks novel. I have read nearly every one that he has written, and haven't found one that I don't like. Check out my Top 5 favorite books of his!

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It was almost impossible to choose my top five, but here are my choices.

The very first novel that I read by Nicholas Sparks was the Notebook. I remember crying my eyes out over the love in this book. To this day, I can pick up the book or watch the movie, and still tear up.

The sequel to the Notebook, 'The Wedding', is good too. It's different than what I expected, but loved the way he used the swan. I don't want to spoil any secrets if you haven't read it yet!

I have to say, I was a little afraid that the movies of my favorites wouldn't live up to the book status, but so far, I have LOVED them. Two more of my favorites, 'Message in a Bottle', and 'Nights in Rodanthe', I have both the books and the movies in my collection.

I would have to round out my top favorites with one of his books that hasn't been made into a movie...yet. It's 'A Bend In The Road', and it's a very powerful book. I encourage you to read anything you can get your hands on by Nicholas Sparks. Right now, I have the latest Sparks' novel, 'The Best Of Me' on my nightstand. I am only a couple of chapters in, but again, I will have to give it a two thumbs up!

I am curious if you agree with my choices. Take my poll and let me know what your favorite Nicholas Sparks novel is.

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