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Luke Bryan may have said it best. You can have your crowded cities, I prefer "hunting, fishing and loving every day". And while it is only celebrated once a year, this Saturday, a conglomeration of sportsmen and legislators from 48 states across the nation known as the Sportsman Caucuses Network will be celebrating the 44th annual National Hunting and Fishing Day. The day recognizes the time-honored traditions of hunting and fishing, saluting current contributions of hunters and fishermen and women, as well as saluting the contributions of the original conservationists, while supporting sound, science based fish and game conservation.

The day, originally established in 1960, acknowledges the contributions of anglers and hunters through the purchase of hunting and fishing licenses, tags and postage stamps paying tribute to waterfowl. States across the nation also receive revenue from excise taxes charged on the purchase of firearms, ammunition, boat fuel and other hunting and fishing equipment and accessories, which helps to drive the funding of conservation efforts.

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Under acts like the Pittman-Robertson act (1937), hunters and fishermen and women contributed more than $25 million last year alone. Other "user pays - public benefits" national income included fishing and hunting licenses, which contributed close to another $18 million across the country.

In Oklahoma, these funds are used to improve access to public lands and facilities, improve water quality, as well as the conservation and management of habitats of fish and wildlife. Funds also aid in the construction of access areas. For further on National Hunting and Fishing day is available at

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