As the days begin to get shorter, you know hunting season is just about here. In Oklahoma, the big game seasons for deer, elk, turkey, and bear kick off October 1st. Quail and pheasant come later. While it's not exactly 'just around the corner,' it's close enough to start making your plans.

If you're from out-of-state, new to hunting, or want to introduce a youth to the challenge, the first thing you'll be looking for is a hunter safety course. Without it, you can't get a license.


Luckily, the OK Wildlife Department hosts these in every county, Comanche is no different. This year, the hunter course will take place September 16th & 17th at Great Plains Technology Center. It's completely free, but you'll need to register for it online ahead of time.

This is the course I took nearly a decade ago, and yes, it's a grueling... but good information. Mainly geared towards young children learning

If you're not under 10 years old, you can now take this course online and print off your own hunter ed card. Click here for that option.


If you need more information on anything outdoors and wildlife in Oklahoma, stop by and grab yourself a guide, and familiarize yourself with the regulations. Even mistakes are against the law, and there's little to no leniency given for most offenses. They're available almost everywhere... Sporting good and gun counters at retailers like WalMart and Academy, specialty outlets like archery shops, and sometimes you can find them at gas stations.