The irony of Jordan Davis' new single "What My World Spins Around" might be that he somewhat literally spins around his "world," too. The "Buy Dirt" hitmaker can't believe it, but between him and wife Kristen, he's the overprotective parent.

"My daughter will go run face first into a wall and I'm like, 'Oh my God!'" Davis tells Taste of Country Nights. "My wife's like, 'She's fine.'"

Quick refresh: Eloise Larkin is the Davis' 2-and-a-half-year-old daughter. Son Locklan Joseph was born last September — he's not quite moving fast enough for Davis to worry about yet.

"I always thought I would be like this really chill dad, like let the kiddos go run wherever, he shares. "I have some — and I hate to say this — but some helicopter dad tendencies that I'm trying to break."

"What My World Spins Around" is an acoustic coming-of-age story that finds a boy with a wild hair taming it for the love of a good woman and family. That's where Davis is today. Ryan Hurd and Matt Dragstrem helped him write the song two or three years ago, but the Louisiana native sat on it for whatever project is coming next.

"It used to be different," he tells host Evan Paul, talking about what inspired the lyrics. "For me, as a single guy it was like, all right, how can I go hunt or fish? Is there a football game I can go to? Is there everything else other than how, now, it's like my wife, my kids, spending time with them? It's that shift in my world."

Fortunately, Davis still gets to scratch some of those old itches on occasion. To celebrate "Buy Dirt" going No. 1, he and collaborator Luke Bryan went on a turkey hunt. He also gets to hit the road pretty frequently to tour with friends like Luke Combs (this fall) and more. Leaving the kids? That's easy! Or not.

"It's tougher now because my daughter, she knows dad's leaving for a couple days. It was easier when — and that's terrible to say, I'm not saying it's easy to leave my kids — it was easier when she couldn't say anything," he says.

"Now she'll say, 'Dada's going to work" or she'll say, 'I'm going to miss Dada.' That hurts."

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