Maybe you've heard of it. The infamous Bird Creek School in Pawhuska, OK. It's been the location of numerous rumored hauntings, supernatural occurrences, and paranormal investigations throughout the years. There are ghost stories galore and the frightening legend of this place continues to grow and spread.

The Bird Creek School was originally built back in the late 1930s. At the time it was considered one of the most modern and advanced schools of its kind in the state. From the instruction that students received there to the actual building itself, it was way ahead of its time. The school got its name from the nearby Bird Creek.

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Bird Creek schoolhouse served the small rural towns around it. Not much is known about the school or its students. The school closed sometime in the 1960s and was used as a community center for a while and was later abandoned. If you visit the school go inside and write your name on the chalkboard then walk out and wait a while, when you go back inside your name will be mysteriously erased from the board.

The infamous chalkboard at the Bird Creek School that mysteriously erases names Tam Tombstone Tam Tombstone

Some say that invisible hands, ghosts from prior students erase names and other messages that have been written on the board. Those who have gone to the school and tried it say the stories are true and their names were erased. There have also been paranormal investigators who have captured EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) evidence and recorded voices and other unexplained noises while visiting the school.

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There have also been accounts of ghost hunters seeing actual ghosts, shadow figures, and other apparitions both inside and around the school property. It's been abandoned for well over 50 years now but locals and investigators say it's definitely not empty something. still remains. It certainly has that unwelcoming, creepy vibe as most abandoned places do, but there's more to it than that. Sure most of the stories being told are urban legends and superstition. Even so, it sounds like there may be some truth to this ghost story.

The Bird Creek School is located on private property and is marked "No Trespassing" so DO NOT ENTER without permission. Luckily we're able to take a virtual tour of this place thanks to the videos that are available and that will have to do for now. The Sooner State has more than its fair share of abandoned, scary, and allegedly haunted places that's for sure. If you're into all of that click here for more homegrown horror!

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